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Brand strategy, brand identity and web design Securing the future for generations


GLOBAL CLIMATE is a company from Munich that supports companies with its innovative software solutions to make the topic of sustainability measurable. Automated and at the push of a button, companies can now create CO2 balances and ESG ratings purely on the basis of existing accounting data from existing ERP systems. To date, this has been a long process that has presented many companies with major challenges, both financially and in terms of personnel.

Task & Concept

GLOBAL CLIMATE has grown rapidly in recent years from a start-up to one of the top providers of software solutions in the field of sustainability. When GLOBAL CLIMATE approached SYNBRAND, the software solutions had already established themselves on the market and GLOBAL CLIMATE was on the road to success. But what was still missing was the overall brand identity and a website presence that would provide the necessary visibility in the market.

In brand workshops we worked out the positioning, brand core, brand values, vision, mission and based on this we developed the brand identity including the entire internal mission statement communication. Subsequently, we developed the design of the website, with a user experience tailored to the needs of the target groups.

Our response to responsive design

To develop a user experience that not only appeals to the target group visually and textually, but also navigates to the content that is relevant, we worked with different information levels. Striking core statements, headlines with wit and charm, and a corporate design that is a pleasure to get in touch with alternate. The content entrances are designed in such a way that a quick information level alternates with a deeper content level.

Corporate Wording

When GLOBAL CLIMATE approached us, the logo and website already existed. But the content was not yet complete. The daily business had priority and so GLOBAL CLIMATE continued to grow, while the web presence was less and less appropriate for the size of the company.

As a first step, we provided immediate help and further developed the existing design and generated new content. Once the brand identity was on a firm footing, we set about the complete relaunch of the website in a second step.

Visuals that no one else has

Working purely with stock material and using software visuals that have already been seen dozens of times was out of the question for us and also did not fit in with GLOBAL CLIMATE's brand core and range of solutions. Securing the future for generations – this should also be reflected in the visuals. The jellyfish as a symbol for climate change combined with the tentacles in the form of data streams, the "swimming elephant" threatened with extinction, in the backdrop of a sea of data, the meadows, the forests, the pure air - all sceneries worth preserving, combined with the abstract of a software solution.

This is our way of combining technology with emotion.

Giving sustainability a face

GLOBAL CLIMATE has not only grown in customers and sales, but the team is also continuously expanding. Behind every technological development are people with know-how, expertise and joy in what they do. We have put the founding couple Sabine and Altan Günsoy of GLOBAL CLIMATE and the team including house and farm dog Leo in the scene at a photo shoot.



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