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IPS, headquartered in Liechtenstein, has been enabling the digitalization of industrial companies for over 30 years. It offers its customers a broad portfolio of innovative services and individual solutions in the areas of IT and development. With more than 200 specialists worldwide, the IPS Group is one of the leading companies in the field of digitalization. With its comprehensive range of services, IPS covers all aspects of a software development project. The solutions are tailored to individual needs and are flexible enough to support future changes.

Task & Concept

When it comes to the digitization of leading industrial companies, there is no way around IPS today. For a global player, however, a brand strategy refresh including a modern image is required.

In brand workshops SYNBRAND developed the positioning, the brand core and values. Based on this, we developed the brand identity, including the entire internal mission statement communication. Then followed the re-design of the website with a strong focus on the needs of the target groups to ensure an optimal user experience.

Where high-tech has tradition

IPS commissioned us to modernize its brand and visual identity. We started by reviewing the old existing brand and based on that, we made a further development. In the process, we revamped the brand's appearance, including the logo and claim, to create a contemporary and appealing design. To ensure that IPS is optimally positioned in the competitive environment, we also conducted brand workshops and a competitive analysis.

Combining technology with emotions

A strong visual world helps to visually convey a company's values and messages. Confident specialists in the customer environment, looking into the camera or visible in consulting situations, radiate trust and partnership.

We also looked for interesting ways to expand the world of images. The combination of the experts from IPS with programming code as holograms was groundbreaking.



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