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SOMIC is a company that develops, manufactures, and globally distributes high-quality machines for automated packaging of products into outer cartons for various demanding industries. Regional customers as well as renowned global players in the FMCG sector have valued SOMIC's solutions for decades for their outstanding quality and reliability. The unique consulting expertise in designing custom packaging cartons and the extensive know-how in integrating the machines into complex packaging lines reinforce the company's excellent reputation in the secondary packaging field.

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After a long and consistently successful corporate development, the management of SOMIC wanted to showcase the restart of the brand that had been initiated some time ago, both externally and internally. The occasion was primarily the product launch of the newly developed machine generation, SOMIC 434. Additionally, the company's strategic realignment was to be brought to the attention of the packaging industry in a attention-grabbing way, as both events marked a new era in the company's history. The international trade fair interpack in May 2023 provided the appropriate framework for this purpose.

Making inner change visible

After the kick-off meeting with the management, sales, and marketing departments, as well as a personal presentation of the machine by SOMIC's development team, we embarked on the conception. The result immediately impressed the client: a cohesive framework that connects the advantages of the revolutionary technological concept of the new machine generation with the central company promise of "shelf-ready carton packaging." The slogan "The Direct Line to Shelf-Ready" spans across all media, highlighting the deeper, detailed product benefits and positioning the brand clearly in the market. The transformed brand identity, shifting from a previously bright and white color scheme to a dark and mysterious one, generated curiosity and increased brand awareness even before the trade fair. The message that SOMIC is pioneering groundbreaking innovations resonated strongly within the industry.

The perfect stage

For the relaunch of the new machine generation, we developed a virtual presentation stage that represents the "SOMIC restart" from multiple perspectives. It incorporates the established red pillars of SOMIC in a dynamic manner, subtly emphasizing the company's and the machine's future-proof nature. Simultaneously, it communicates the technical aspect of the now linear arrangement of individual process steps within the machine—the central innovation on which the unique customer benefits are based.

From CAD to WOW

With the stage set, there was only one thing needed for success: a true star! To achieve this, we brought the new packaging machine, SOMIC 434, to life. Starting from the construction data, we created a photorealistic representation that is indistinguishable from elaborate photography, except that it can be easily and cost-effectively reproduced. This allows for quick technical modifications, variations, different perspectives, close-up shots, and even 3D animation.

One name – two aspects

As a special highlight at the interpack, an equally newly developed module was presented, which aimed to make its fascinating magnetic levitation technology easily understandable despite its high technological complexity through a concise name. After several creative naming rounds, our creation "SOMIC CORAS" emerged as the winner. The name is not only easy to remember, but upon closer inspection, it also appeals to the technology-oriented target audience, as it stands for "Carrier-based Orientation Rotation Arrangement System" when spelled out.

Not only black on white

In order to consistently communicate the new SOMIC positioning, "The Direct Line to Shelf-Ready," across all media, in addition to traditional print productions such as trade advertisements, product and company brochures, and personal invitations, we found another elegant way. Printed in high quality, in elegant white on natural brown cardboard, the slogan is omnipresent in full action through the machines at events and in all product videos. This approach ensures that the message is effectively conveyed to the audience.

Eagerly awaited

A teaser campaign, in which we were able to participate in its creation, generated the highest level of attention leading up to interpack. The video snippets, skillfully produced by WINGMEN Media, showcased close-up shots and captivating movements of the new machine in a modern and dramatic manner. Assisted by a centrally integrated countdown page on the SOMIC homepage, the campaign built anticipation. The landing pages for the new machine generation were launched just in time for the start of the trade fair. These landing pages were designed to cater to both first-time visitors and existing contacts, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The brand experience trade fair

The "big bang" of the relaunch was consistently and meticulously executed at interpack with a new, larger, two-story exhibition stand, showcasing two variants of the SOMIC 434 in full operation. We had the privilege of participating in the wall design for this impressive showcase. The modern architecture provided the perfect framework, considering aspects such as visitor guidance, information provision, logistics, and addressing various conversation scenarios. The communication elements used at the booth effectively supported the SOMIC sales team. From the central video screen to the exhibits and signage, as well as the giveaways and personalized trade show gifts, a cohesive brand experience was ensured for the trade fair visitors.



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