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KLAUS Multiparking, headquartered in Aitrach, is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems and double parkers in Germany, operating for over 60 years in 80 countries worldwide.

Established in 1907 as a family business with its own carpentry shop and actively involved in the construction of specially developed parking systems since 1964, KLAUS Multiparking has a rich history spanning over 100 years. However, what truly sets them apart are their mechanical parking systems, which are complex technical structures full of movement.

The underlying idea is sustainability in action: the parked vehicles are made mobile to enable flexible shifting and efficient utilization of parking space. In the automotive world of today and tomorrow, the company provides high investment security through economically and customer-specific optimized solutions.


To meet the growing demands and fast pace of the market, the company regularly questions itself. But this time, the step taken was significant in order to showcase the numerous strengths of KLAUS Multiparking, but especially to make the entire team's pride visible.

In numerous brand workshops, not only was the positioning revised, but also a mission statement with updated values and a strong vision and mission was developed to make the company communicatively sustainable for the future. Subsequently, the brand presence, website, and visual imagery underwent a comprehensive modernization.


Eine der großen Herausforderungen ist es, das Thema Parken zu einem Lifestyle-Thema zu machen. Und so beschreibt der Claim „Park & Smile“ von KLAUS Multiparking die Marke auf den Punkt genau. Es geht um einfache und zuverlässige Lösungen, die den Alltag erleichtern, Zeit sparen und Platz schaffen, um sich den wichtigen Dingen des Alltags zu widmen. Diese Einstellung transportiert der firmeneigene Claim, der im Rahmen des Brand Updates ebenfalls leicht an die neue Optik angepasst und emotional verankert wurde.


In addition to a modernized corporate design, a revised icon catalog including logo redesign, and adapted communication that combines the humanity of a traditional company from Baden-Württemberg with technical expertise, there was still more to be done.

To do justice to the modernized mission statement and the proud team behind it, a completely new visual concept was captured over three days of photoshoots. The focus was not only on the parking systems but also on the company's own employees. Whether in service, management, or technology, they now feature prominently in all communication materials of KLAUS Multiparking and take pride in making the company future-ready and continuously evolving.



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